design graphique

Hi! I'm Jon, a versatile graphic designer based in Orlando.
My ideas are driven by simplicity, and creativity.
Nice to meet you.

Who we are

In our world, creativity is a tool, branding is a passion and technology is our toy. And, boy, do we love our toys!
We balance them perfectly to make your identity pop, your online presence obvious.
Since 2011, at Graphink, we use both sides of our brains to build businesses.

We really know our stuff. Because we love it. Because it's the first thing we do when we get up, and the last before we turn in.


identité visuelle


Concepts and strategy translated in visual identities. Wether your project involves naming, re-branding, logo design or a complete brand creation, visual identities are our area of expertise.

mise en page


Extensive campaigns to newspaper ads and everything in between including stationaries, brochures, business cards or annual reports. We manage your needs in design and production, creating the perfect balance between brand and business.

création de site web


We translate your brand and bring it online, make it interactive. If your brand needs a support to its offline communication, or a real complex website, we can ensure your online presence is seamlessly integrated in your design solution



What would be a visual communication without images ? Your brand needs genuine content to deliver the right message. We make sure all images are a real part of a real consitent communication.

animation et vidéo


When plain design doesn't cut it anymore, we also create motion designs and animations to energize your business. Video was the last piece of the puzzle missing to make your brand shine.